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ShadowsFC was started in the year 2019, with the idea of molding the students into a well shaped players in the football game. We give proper exercises, Footwork’s and make the students to play matches and also create the chances for students to show their performances in trials, club selections and National selections too. 

At ShadowsFC , we are more than just a football training institution; we are a community united by a passion for the beautiful game. Founded on the principles of excellence, integrity, and dedication, our academy strives to provide a world-class platform for young athletes to nurture their talent, develop their skills, and chase their football dreams.



We develop and improve the technical abilities of our young players. We encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. We offer professional football training sessions, at the same time creating an experience our players can enjoy. we believe in our youngsters and we aim that with the help of our qualified coaches we will do what it takes to make our youngsters believe in their future too. Join Outlast Shadows FC Academy in Chennai. Develop your skills, improve your game, and take your football career to the next level.


Avid soccer players Cedric Vijayan discovered a critical flaw in soccer culture: there are numerous opportunities for kids of all ages to play but once players graduate, thier chances of staying involved in the game plummet.

Our vision is to become a renowned and transformative football academy, dedicated to nurturing young talent and fostering a deep love for the game. We aim to instill not only exceptional football skills but also life values such as discipline, teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship. Our goal is to produce not just top-class athletes, but also responsible citizens who contribute positively to their communities. We aspire to create an environment where every aspiring footballer can dream, develop, and achieve their full potential, ultimately making a significant impact in the world of football and beyond.

Our colors, our pride, our club.

Our Club Jersey

Youth Coaching

Coaching youth teams typically involves a focus on player development, teaching fundamental skills, and promoting a love for the game.

Senior Team Coaching

Coaches for senior teams, including professional and amateur adult teams, focus on tactics, team cohesion, fitness, and game strategy.

Tactical Coaching

Tactical coaches specialize in analyzing opponents and developing game plans to exploit weaknesses and maximize the strengths of their own team.

Technical Coaching

Technical coaches concentrate on improving individual skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control.

Goalkeeping Coaching

Goalkeeping coaches focus exclusively on the development of goalkeepers. They work on shot-stopping, positioning, distribution, and decision-making specific to the goalkeeper’s role.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaches design training programs to improve players’ physical conditioning, including strength, speed, agility, and endurance.

Women's Football Coaching

Coaching in women’s football may involve specific considerations related to the physical, technical, and tactical aspects of the women’s game.

Futsal Coaching

Futsal is a variant of football played on a smaller indoor court. Futsal coaches specialize in the unique skills and strategies required for this format of the game.

Player Development Coaching

This coaching approach places an emphasis on long-term player development, focusing on a player’s growth over time rather than short-term results.

Football Training Programs

Football training programs for players are structured and comprehensive regimens designed to enhance skills, fitness, and performance in the sport of football. These programs offer a systematic approach to player development, encompassing elements like tactical strategies, physical conditioning, technical proficiency, and mental preparation.

Kids Programs

A super fun introduction to football taught in a friendly and safe environment for young children. Our training programs are building blocks upon which children can improve their spirit and their character. More than just a sport, we see football as a valuable addition to a child’s early-stage development. Kids Programs are a fun filled introduction to Football.

Youth Programs

As the kids grow into young players, the youth programs help the players make the transition from an enthusiast to a more demanding amateur footballer. With more challenges, the kids learn comprehensive ball skills and get to play more challenging games. The goal is to teach them the foundation of the game, introducing the basics of team-play while still having fun.

Developmental Programs

Developmental Programs aim to positively contribute to the physical, tactical, technical, and mental development of all players who want to take their game to the professional level. Fun, foundation, fitness & team dynamics form the focal points across the four tenets of the game to develop footballers for the future.

Why Join Shadows FC?

Specific Training

Age specific structured training program.

Certified Coaches

Mentors who have undergone training and earned certification.

Specialized Training

Specialized training for state and national level competitions.


Opportunity to play in Tournaments and Chennai league.

Regular Matches

Regular Practice matches & Tournaments.

Progress Report

Quarterly progress report (Individual Player assessments).

Props & Equipment

Adequate props and equipment for training.

Program Focus

Program focus will be on enhancing the fitness, skill set, ect.

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